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Luciana Bianchi is an Italian–Brazilian chef and writer with a background in Molecular Science. She has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, cooked for celebrities, interviewed many of the renowned international chefs, and has published work in 26 countries. 
A frequent world traveller and food researcher based in the Galapagos Islands, she is a conservationist and a human rights activist, speaking at forums, conferences and universities about current topics involving gastronomy, sustainability and humane and ethical business models. For more than 10 years she has divided her time between Latin America and Europe,  and traveling around the world discovering new talents, visiting restaurants, producers, artisans, researchers and the most relevant gastronomic events.
With more than 20 years experience in the field, she is a consultant for projects in education, tourism and hospitality. Luciana is a contributor to international magazines, newspapers, books and food guides, and her articles and micro-blogging have thousands of followers in social networks. Two of her books, 'Brazilian Food' with Thiago Castanho, and 'Lima - The Cookbook' with Virgilio Martinez, are both for sale worldwide.

Luciana is the director of the Galapagos Foundation focusing in gastronomy, conservation and sustainability. Her latest project is MUYU - the first farm, forest & sea to table restaurant in the Galapagos Islands, supporting organic farmers, and empowering women, and youngsters to become hospitality professionals.

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